Potential short trade on GBPNZD Forex pair as posted on January 2nd: http://www.4xmagz.com/gbpnzd-trading-setup-january-2020-possible-1400-pips-move/

GBPNZD Forex trade setup
GBPNZD Forex trade setup

As of Monday, 20th January, GBPNZD pair moved as predicted. Price bouched down right off the upper resistance:

GBPNZD Forex Pair, Daily Chart. Sell Trade Setup

I made several small sizes short and when the Sniper entry formed on Friday, January 17th, I placed three pending orders, sell limit prior to London open because I was in the middle of something. GBPAUD looked like the same sell setup so I put 2 pending order, sell limit, but only 1 order got filled.

Three pending orders on GBPNZD were triggered perfectly to the line, while only one of the GBPAUD got triggered. As of Monday January, 20th price has moved more than 100 Pips. So far the entries of the GBPNZD moved 117, 91, and 77 Pips (about 285 pips), While GBPAUD moved 86 Pips:

This was how the setup looks like on 15 Minutes chart: Price made a stop hunt to the upside direction, creating a strong rally took out several highs to trap the bull and break out trades. It was also creating a false break up-side support trend line quickly reverse down breaking the market structure, confirming a trend reversal. My entry line was the green line if the price pullback to test the last push to the stop hunt.


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