Sell EurNzd and GbpCad; Affix Forex Signals August 23rd 2018

EurNzd rally
EurNzd bullish move

There were 2 forex trading signals given out on August 23rd, 2018; sell EurNzd and GbpCad:

Affix Forex Signal
Affix Forex Signals on August 23rd 2018

The result:

1. The signal was: Sell EurNzd at 1.7320, Stop Loss at 1.7410, Take Profit at 1.7011

The result was Eur Nzd rally for more than 100 pips in 2 days:

EurNzd rally
EurNzd bullish move

2. The signal was: Sell GbpCad at 1.6785, Stop Loss at 1.6875, Take Profit at 1.651

the result was: Gbp Cad drop then relly, then drop for about 50 pips under the entry.

GbpCad drop
GbpCad drop



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