Below is GbpJpy pair, Daily chart. On the long term, the daily trend is bearish. There is a potential 900 pips move downward toward the lower channel which is align with a support level on daily timeframe:

GbpJpy Daily Chart
GbpJpy Daily Chart

Below is GbpJpy pair, 4 Hour chart. There is a potential pullback toward the upper channel/0.618 fibo level. I will lool for a setup on lower time frame. There is a potential 450 pips to be made

Below is GbpJpy pair, 1 Hour chart. As mentioned above, I will look for a setup on 1 Hour time frame. The price might pull back toward the 0.618 fib/upper channel on 1 Hour time frame, unless the price break the lower channel earlier, I will wait for a pullback



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